If like me you’re incurably curious about the writing process of your favourite authors, or just any writers in general than this blog is for you! I’ve been tagged to take part in the Writing Process Blog Hop by the irrepressible children’s author Cristy Burne.

                          cristy-burne-2          Cristy Burne is an author , science writer and presenter extraordinaire.  I first met Cristy through SCWBI and love to catch up when we can over coffee – which is never often enough. She is the author of the Takeshita Demons series which is based on Japanese Folklore and won the Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Award for diversity in children’s writing.

You can find out more about her at her Blog


Part of this Blog Hop is telling you about how I write by answering the Four Questions below, so here’s some insight into what goes on behind the scenes…..

What am I working on:

I’m madly trying to finish the third and final book in my adult fantasy series, The Twins of Saranthium. It involves flying serpents, resurrected ancient gods seeking to conquer all and the twin descendants of one of the gods who must save the human race or die trying. The stakes are high and it’s so complex it does my head in sometimes with the amount of characters but I love dealing with these kind of heroic epic themes.

 How does my work differ from others in the genre:

In my adult fantasy I’m more interested in writing about the people than the politics of the world, which can be unusual in epic/high fantasy which often delves greatly into the political games of the empires involved (think Game of Thrones for example) .  I prefer to concentrate more on the people and their relationships and how they deal emotionally as well as physically with the dire situations they find themselves in. In my young adult stories I’m a bit different from many other YA series as while the romance between the main female character and the boy in the story is important it’s not the main focus, what really drives the story is her journey and how what she’s experienced changes her and what she does to be the hero of the plot.

 Why do I write what I write:

Such a hard question to answer. I write what comes to me, and mostly it is fantasy or science fiction based stories. I write the stories that interest me, the stories the characters demand be told. I’m inspired by grand themes, the chance for someone ordinary to become extraordinary through  circumstance and sheer will.  Sometimes it feels like I’m the typist, the recorder of existing histories that must be told. I think  someone famous once said that.

 How does my writing process work:

I day dream about the book. I try to plot the book using a loose three stage story scale: opening catalyst that starts the story, mid point that drastically changes the story, resolution that ties up the story. I write character sketches and notes that I invariably lose, then I start writing. And everything changes as I go. Try as I might I cannot stick to any plot outline I write. It’s a very organic and maddening process and I’m trying to work more on putting together a more cohesive plot outline to follow as my time for writing has drastically reduced recently, but I’m not good at sticking to it. So really it’s ending up with a lot of words then editing and editing and editing. So you know, perfectly normal like most slightly unhinged writers. Oh and I must have tea to write. Not coffee. Tea, tea tea and procrastinating on Twitter.

Now it’s my turn to tag, and here are three other wonderful authors who can tell you about how they write…..

rhiannon hartRhiannon Hart.

Rhiannon is the author of the fabulously lush and gothic paranormal Lharmel novels, Bloodsong, Bloodstorm and Bloodqueen featuring blood cravings, animal companions and secrets – nothing is what it seems in Rhiannon’s world.

She lives mostly in Melbourne and we have never yet met in person but connected over the web and I’m sure if/when we do get together over a cup of tea, or a wine, the talking could go on for days.

Read Rhiannon’s blog here



raiwynRaewyn Caisley

Raewyn is a best selling children’s author including four in the Aussie Nibbles series (for 5 – 7 year olds) as well as a plethora of other titles too numerous to mention.

Reawyn is originally from New Zealand but has been calling Australia home for many years now, we first met when she came to Geraldton for a writers’ festival but we really connected at the recent AFCC in Singapore (I could tell you some stories about her there! But then I’d have to kill you so you’ll just have to use your imagination).

Author, educator and fabulous person, you can read Raewyn’s Blog here.





Julia Lawrinson Post photoJulia Lawrinson

Julia writes wonderful, witty, thought provoking books for teens about growing up and coming of age.  Sometimes wincingly funny, sometimes sad but always truthful, Julia’s books have won awards and been shortlisted numerous times.

She is also excellent at talking about and teaching writing, and gives lots of workshops and talks you should go to if you get the chance.

I met Julia,through SCWBI at a Rottnest Retreat and was in awe of her talent at telling it like it really is for teens.

Read Julia’s Blog here