Okay so some of you may have come here expecting me to talk about climbing out of writer’s block hell, but that’s not what this is about. I’m not sure I even believe in writer’s block. Usually when I’m in the middle of a project and can’t move forward it’s because I don’t know where I’m going with the plot and for me that’s more of a writer’s detour sign than a block. ie. Go left and back to your outline and stop trying to jump over that gap without any legs!

But I digress. This blog is actually about the despair, despondency and plain old pissed offedness (look I made a word!) that comes with not having the time to write when your head is full of ideas. For me that has been most of the last year. Of course this is due to my need to breed (looks sideways at baby in high chair with cheese up his nose) and that reason, or the result of the reason, is pretty darn lovely (pats baby’s cheesy head) but still there is that need to write.

And the panic. I have books I want to write. New books. New characters. What if all that enthusiasm goes away? It could literally get sucked down the plug hole of the bathtub. It could disintegrate due to extreme lack of sleep – otherwise known as zombie mum syndrome. Really I could be an extra in that show. I’m perfect for it, no make up required.

So how do other writer parent’s cope? What have you done to get through that first year or two when the time to write was taken over by the avalanche that is BABY? The only thing I can write right now is a grant application to help me pay for childcare when I can write (catch 22??) and this blog but that time is snatched from the jaws of nap time and trapped in a high chair time. You see the dilemma.

Also I don’t have time to finish this bl…