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May 2011

Be fabulous, be furious…

What I’m reading now…  

      Eliza Boans has everything. A big house. A great education.

      A  bright future. So why is she sitting in a police station

     confessing to murder?     

    I am loving this first book from Aussie author Shirley Marr.  It’s totally compelling with a great heroine – or anti heroine – Eliza. Like a dark, furious, Gossip Girl, but better, Fury is keeping me up at night as I can’t put it down.  Funny, dark, shocking. Read it is all I can say.

   You can find out more about at Shirley at




Equinox sneak peak….

Editing on book 2, Equinox is in full swing today. Actually started work early with cup of tea in hand and right now I’m working on a scene between Pip and Rosie. Yes, he’s back and they’re together again…..or are they?? Here’s a snippet of what’s going on for you because your support has been awesome…..

Sneak peak:       ‘I know.’ He let out a frustrated breath. ‘But  look Rosie, I…it’s not like I don’t care.’ His voice was low, soft.  Something inside her broke. God, this was worse. His pity. She couldn’t look at him and stared down at his hand on her arm instead. She wanted to wrench away but he was stronger and she was scared she would just start crying and lose any dignity she had left…..

Sydney visit success & YA Reads interview

I’m sitting at the airport waiting (im)patiently for my plane home so though I would drop a short line to say a big THANKS to all those enthusiastic people I talked to in Sydney last week. Especially a big hello to the students at Kariong Mountains High School and Berkeley Valley Campus who asked so many fantastic questions and were so welcoming. Hopefully, one day, I will be back.

Also – check out this fantastic interview with the charming Christina of YA Reads that I did at

So now it’s back home to work like mad on the edit of Equinox so it will be ready to come out in November!

Sydney visit May 6

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