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Peacemaker cover revealed!


Marianne De Pierre, author of Parrish Plessis, Sentients of Orion and the YA Burn Bright series (among others) is releasing a new series in 2014 and I’m helping promote, with great fanfare, your first official look at the fabulous cover for Peacemaker.

Combining elements of western, sci fi, crime and urban fantasy it gets released by Angry Robots books in May 2014, so set your book buying alarms.

For more on this great new series go to Marianne’s website Continue reading “Peacemaker cover revealed!”

Cover reveal soon…

Equinox is almost ready to send to the printers and it’s only a short time now until I can reveal the cover – and closer to November the first chapter will be let out into the wild.

But not yet.

In the meant time I’ve been working on the third book – no there will be no hints about the plot yet, sorry! – and reading.

Just finished in fact the first on Kelly Armstrong’s Darkest Power trilogy, The Summoning. If you like your stories with more than just a romance, but mystery danger and adventure as well, you’ll probably like this one.



Equinox has left the building…

Yay and thank god! I have finally booted the revised draft of Equinox out of my house – well electronically anyway. And then there’s the back up…. but it’s gone to the publishers and they haven’t thrown it back in a fit of pique so it must be good to go….Almost.

It is such a relief when the book finally leaves home like a lemming off a cliff, and I can breathe for five minutes before I’m on to the next one. Rosie Black book 3……yes that is in the planning and drafting stages.

But meanwhile I have been peering with dismay at the growing number of books I’m in the middle of reading. This always happens. I start one, see another start that and before I know it I have 5 books on the go. Yes 5.  Clearly I have an attention issue.

So what are they, you ask? Because you care I know.

First the YA – and fab it is… totally compulsive reading. The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

 which is the second in her Iron Fey series – which some of you have probably read.

I’m loving the pacy read, the characters and what a gorgeous cover.

Then I’m also reading Stephen King’s The Stand.

An older one but a great one if very very long. But I read the Dark Tower series recently and characters from that are in The Stand. All very complex and terrifying, but if you’ve read The Dark Tower you’ll know what I mean.


I’m also half way through The Distant Hours, by Kate Morton.

This one is contemporary adult fiction and it starts with a mysterious letter, a device I’ve always loved. There is also an old house, forbidden lovers and past secrets. Juicy stuff with a literary bent.


Other contenders for reading time are the second book in the Monster Blood Tattoo series, by DM Cornish.

and Jasper Jones, by WA talent Craig Silvey.

Presently half buried under all the award nominations Jasper Jones is almost a love letter/homage to To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee – one of my very favourite books.  


What are you reading? Suggestions for more brilliant YA always welcome!

Be fabulous, be furious…

What I’m reading now…  

      Eliza Boans has everything. A big house. A great education.

      A  bright future. So why is she sitting in a police station

     confessing to murder?     

    I am loving this first book from Aussie author Shirley Marr.  It’s totally compelling with a great heroine – or anti heroine – Eliza. Like a dark, furious, Gossip Girl, but better, Fury is keeping me up at night as I can’t put it down.  Funny, dark, shocking. Read it is all I can say.

   You can find out more about at Shirley at




Fringe Fanatic and that other show……

So I’ve been trying to write alot these days on the third installment of my fantasy series while waiting for Equinox to come back from the editors and have been getting distracted by the fabulous show Fringe. You know what I’m talking about don’t you??? All the twisted science, the Observers and Fauxlivia etc….

 LOVE it and can’t wait for more….

    and then there’s that other show……. see  eye ball achingly pretty picture below….

which I’ve been putting off watching due to the extreme distraction factor of that one… but I am weakening, I can hear Season 5 calling me like a siren. I’m sure Rosie B would love Supernatural.

Clearly there are many fine reasons to love this show – and I’m not just talking about the eye candy. I love the mythology and painful ties of the  brothers’ relationship. Great writing.

These are two of my very favourite shows at the moment. What are your recommendations?

In more bookish news: Just finished: Where Angels Fear to Tread – EM Forster’s first novel. Currently reading: Clockwork Angel by Cass Clare (no spoilers!) and Mind of my Mind by Octavia Butler.

oh and then there’s that OTHER show…..seriously people how am I supposed to get ANY work done!

This writer’s life…or something like it

I’m deep into the first draft of my other project – my adult fantasy trilogy The Twins of Saranthium – full of despotic gods, lost men and an odyssey through the Void. So, as I often do when writing, I’m also reading books that help me get into the frame of mind I need to inhabit that ancient world. I just finished one of my favourite authors latest,

Lavinia, by Ursula Le Guin.


Lavinia is a mythical character from Virgil’s epic poem, The Aenid, a story of Rome’s origins. Lavinia, like Helen of Troy, started a war, but because she refused to marry the man chosen for her instead following an oracle’s telling to marry a man named Aeneas of Troy. In the poem, Lavinia exists in only a few lines, but Le Guin has taken her story and imagined it into a novel about a young woman who wouldn’t be given, wouldn’t be taken. Fabulous stuff and well worth a read.

Rosie News…..possible publication date….

Equinox is under the editor’s eye and I’m hoping to have a meeting soon to go over everything before I start work on the final draft for its publication which is in…….we’re thinking….September. Yay. Although given the nature of all things publishing this is still a preliminary date. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Twitter: I seem to be having all kinds of issue with twitter lately – a total pain as I am highly addicted to it! – but I can’t seem to use it all lately. Any one else having problems??

Music of the day: Bring on the Wonder, by Susan Enan (you might have heard the song if you watch Bones) and The New Moon Soundtrack – orchestral version. Atmospheric.

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