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September 2011

Free books, big giveaway

     Want to win a signed copy of Genesis??
My lovely publishers have set up a Facebook page for Rosie and to celebrate we are giving away 10 signed copies , so what are you waiting for? Head on over to Facebook and look for Rosie Black Chronicles.

(If I was tech savy I’d put a link in for you, but I’m inept today and my tech gnomes have all gone to Jamaica for a holiday. Don’t you just hate that?!)

What I did on the weekend…

I had a HUGE weekend just gone because I was appearing at my town’s annual writers festival, Big Sky. It was so much fun and I got to chat for long periods with friend, and fellow fantastical author, Juliet Marillier as well as lots of others. I’ve done a report of it on my other website for any one interested.. go to


YA Books for Girls?

I’m blog visiting this week, and talking all about….

YA Books for Girls, where does that leave Boys?.

Plus you can win a copy of my book, so head on over……

Equinox – out now!

Book 2 of The Rosie Black Chronicles….

Bent on revenge, Rosie is still working in secret to try to take down Helios.
But her dad is locked up, Pip has abandoned her and Riley isn’t telling her the full story.
Where can she turn for help? And how many more sacrifices is she prepared to make to destroy Helios …..

It’s going to hurt. Check out the fabulous trailer

To download a Free Chapter Sample go to  

Equinox Publication Date….

Sound trumpets because I now have the actual date for your viewing pleasure…. Equinox will hit stores (not literally one hopes) on…

November 1, 2011.

And the crowd goes wild….

..well this crowd was happy about a new kind of hamburger, I think, but you get my drift..

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