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February 2011

This writer’s life…or something like it

I’m deep into the first draft of my other project – my adult fantasy trilogy The Twins of Saranthium – full of despotic gods, lost men and an odyssey through the Void. So, as I often do when writing, I’m also reading books that help me get into the frame of mind I need to inhabit that ancient world. I just finished one of my favourite authors latest,

Lavinia, by Ursula Le Guin.


Lavinia is a mythical character from Virgil’s epic poem, The Aenid, a story of Rome’s origins. Lavinia, like Helen of Troy, started a war, but because she refused to marry the man chosen for her instead following an oracle’s telling to marry a man named Aeneas of Troy. In the poem, Lavinia exists in only a few lines, but Le Guin has taken her story and imagined it into a novel about a young woman who wouldn’t be given, wouldn’t be taken. Fabulous stuff and well worth a read.

Rosie News…..possible publication date….

Equinox is under the editor’s eye and I’m hoping to have a meeting soon to go over everything before I start work on the final draft for its publication which is in…….we’re thinking….September. Yay. Although given the nature of all things publishing this is still a preliminary date. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Twitter: I seem to be having all kinds of issue with twitter lately – a total pain as I am highly addicted to it! – but I can’t seem to use it all lately. Any one else having problems??

Music of the day: Bring on the Wonder, by Susan Enan (you might have heard the song if you watch Bones) and The New Moon Soundtrack – orchestral version. Atmospheric.

Night of Stars…

Starting to think about and try to gear up for the Childrens Book Council Night of Stars in Perth on March 10. And oh, how silly of me it is open to the public. Doh! So if you want to come along, go here for all the details!

Have no idea what I’m going to say for the three minutes…..suggestions???

I’m going to spiel on Rosie Black anyway and hope to be entertaining, witty and informative – or failing that, at least string some words together that make some kind of sense.

Maybe I should wear a cute hat???

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