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      Eliza Boans has everything. A big house. A great education.

      A  bright future. So why is she sitting in a police station

     confessing to murder?     

    I am loving this first book from Aussie author Shirley Marr.  It’s totally compelling with a great heroine – or anti heroine – Eliza. Like a dark, furious, Gossip Girl, but better, Fury is keeping me up at night as I can’t put it down.  Funny, dark, shocking. Read it is all I can say.

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Book Lust Have: Strange Angels

I read this book in a weekend and am desperate now for the next one. It was totally addictive and kept me up and eyeballing the page until the wee small hours.

Lili St Crow has created a fantastic, believable heroine in sixteen year old Dru Anderson who finds herself alone and facing terrifying odds after her demon hunter dad is zombiefied. Assisted by Graves, a gangly boy with his own share of problems, Dru is on the hunt to figure out what happened to her dad before she becomes the next victim. 

Involving werwulf (werewolves) and suckers (vampires), psychic powers and demonic forces, Lili St Crow has created a world that is wholly familiar but also wholly entertaining. Yes we’ve seen demon hunters, supernaturally strong and gorgeous vampires and powerful werewolves before but St Crow’s take is tweaked to be that little bit different and the reactions and character of her lead, Dru, anchor the story so well that you won’t care. The writing is polished and slick and St Crow has a wonderful turn of phrase when it comes to setting a scene and creating atmosphere.

The only criticism I have is the occasional overuse of interior monologue at the very beginning which cuts through some conversations between Dru and Graves. There were some passages which appeared to be there to further define Dru’s character, but which were actually unnecessary. I had to re-read some passages to get back into the flow of the scene which was irritating.  but happily this fades quickly as the story progressed and I am so glad I persevered  as the story really picked up pace.  Can’t wait to read the next installment.

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