A writer’s life can be a strange ephemeral world in which we waft about finding meaning in the sound of the wind or a blade of grass…..or in reality we wonder how the hell we’re going to find any time to fit in our writing around everything else and, also, where we left the keys. I am forever leaving the car keys in a different spot.

Lately I’ve been trying to A: revamp my main website www.lara-morgan.com which I have mostly managed Yay! So now it looks kind of different and more modern and I hope more usable for folks. If only I could solve the issue of the magical disappearing background that I spent a lot of time choosing and fixing which went the way of the fairies as soon as my brother hit the go live button. (Yes though I write sf I am not as technologically adept as I would like to be – and very time poor – so my fabulous brother has been doing the migrating to another web spot thingy for me and all that tech stuff I don’t understand. BIG thanks to him. xx

B: get a grant application together to help me pay the bills and get some childcare so I can get the time to write another YA novel I’ve had on the burner. I can’t give you any details but to say there’ll be a girl, a boy and a mysterious, dangerous journey involving ancient forces. And it may involve locations such as this…


and this….

But that’s my next year project.This year I need to finish the final instalment of my fantasy series The Twins of Saranthium. And take my son to playgroup. The two of which don’t go well together and which has resulted in not much writing at the moment. Anyone got a spare nanny who will work for cups of tea and cake? I make REALLY good cake.