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Thanks for all the posts…

My blog tour for Equinox finished up yesterday and I’m putting out a big thank you to all those lovely people who were involved and helped me celebrate the new Rosie Black Chronicles book.

I had a great time answering your very inventive and thoughtful questions and it was a privilege to be hosted on your site. Thanks also to all those who participated and congratulations to the lucky winners of the giveaways!

Some of those giveaways are still going though so don’t forget if you missed out to check back with the websites.

I’ve listed giveaway beside each link below so you can find them easily. And my giveaway on Goodreads is still going so if you’re quick you can enter there as well!

So a very big thank you to these fabulous blogs :

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Fictional Fantasy (giveaway)           The Tales Compendium (giveaway)

Rhiannon Hart                                       The Paperback Heart

Burn Bright (giveaway)                       Read In A Single Sitting (giveaway)

Tea Mouse (giveaway)                        Everything to do with Books

Book Couture (giveaway)                  In The Good Books

The Phantom Paragrapher                She Known As Jess  (giveaway)

Little Elf Man  (giveaway)                   Bad Ass Bookie  (giveaway)

Sandy Fussell                                            Literary Clutter  (giveaway)

Equinox Blog Tour …

   Get on board the Blog  Tour express for Equinox every day until November 24.

All the details of the dates and places I’ll be are available by clicking on the Equinox Blog Tour page in the menu bar up the top. So if you want to know more about Rosie Black, follow the blogs!

 Today is the very last day of my tour (phew!) and to round it off I’m visting

George at Literary Clutter : and this is your last chance to WIN a copy of Equinox during the tour, so get over there now!

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a blog tour round up of all the excitement. Ciao for now. 

And a fabulous time was had by all…

I am exhausted and overwhelmed by all the love. Yes Equinox was officially launched last night at an intimate soiree at my local libary in Geraldton attended by friends, family and new people I got to meet. Champagne was flowing as freely as the good will and many thanks go to the Geraldton Library staff for their support, as well as my good friend Jackie who gave a lovely speech about the book. So it is official, Equinox is out there, so go forth and find it!

Next up is the Blog Tour!! Starting on November 14 I’ll be hopping around the blogsphere visiting some lovely YA blogs talking about life, the universe and writing. For details check the Equinox Blog Tour page.

Meanwhile, here are some more fun pics from the night….

xx Lara


Countdown to release

It’s weird, that time before a novel finally hits the shelves. It’s all you can think about because there are promotional things to organise, questions to answer, book launches to prepare for, but you’re also looking forward to the final moment in the evening after everyone else has gone home and you can put your feet up and sigh and say, ‘right, done!’.

Because books do take a long time to make it from the computer screen on your desk to the bookshelf. I finished Equinox and handed the first, ready to proof, draft to my editors in December last year. Yep, last year. So this year has been all about edits, and re-edits, and checks and final checks and do I like the cover and what about the acknowledgments, until finally, a package in the mail with a shiny new book. It’s an odd surreal moment opening that package.

When I got mine last week, I was in the middle of writing the third book in the Rosie series. Still am actually, with a timetable to finish the draft in the next few weeks. (Here’s hoping!) So getting Equinox as weight in the hand hard copy was like a visit from an old friend who had stayed with me for a while, made a huge mess, drank all the tea and never cleaned the bathroom, and then finally left to see other people. Yet I still remember it with fondness. I’m not quite ready to read the whole thing again, but I can flick through with some pride and nod and say, yup, that’s done.

Equinox Blog Tour

The countdown has well and truly started to release for Equinox, but meanwhile I’ve had my head buried under reams of notes for book 3. Yes , I know Equinox isn’t even out yet and already I’m tapping away on the keyboard trying to get the third one out! Aren’t you envious now of my glamorous life? You should be, it includes a lot of tea and some stale almonds I found in the back of the cupboard for snacks. Ew.

Anyway, yes, trumpets, there will again be a Blog Tour for Equinox – check the tab for it above for all the details soon. So I’ll be all over the internet like a plague of rubber bands, bouncing from one blog to the next answering questions and comments. It will be fun. I promise. AND there will of course be FREE COPIES to win! Yay, gotta like that.  

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my neighbours …

  Okay, so I lied. It’s a still from Spielberg’s latest tv show Terra Nova and one of my current fave distractions. Gotta love a show with dinosaurs.


Equinox – out now!

Book 2 of The Rosie Black Chronicles….

Bent on revenge, Rosie is still working in secret to try to take down Helios.
But her dad is locked up, Pip has abandoned her and Riley isn’t telling her the full story.
Where can she turn for help? And how many more sacrifices is she prepared to make to destroy Helios …..

It’s going to hurt. Check out the fabulous trailer

To download a Free Chapter Sample go to  

Equinox Publication Date….

Sound trumpets because I now have the actual date for your viewing pleasure…. Equinox will hit stores (not literally one hopes) on…

November 1, 2011.

And the crowd goes wild….

..well this crowd was happy about a new kind of hamburger, I think, but you get my drift..

Equinox Cover Reveal!

Here it is, finally the cover of Equinox, The Rosie Black Chronicles Book 2. Hope you all like it, I think it’s pretty dynamic. I’ll be getting a more detailed cover with the back of the book blurb soon and don’t forget in September we launch the trailer and give you a sneak peek with Chapter 1.



You can also go to the dedicated site where more info will be up soon…..

Change of plan……

Okay so as sometimes happens in publishing we’ve had a slight change on the teaser reveal dates. The cover for Equinox is still being revealed on Aug 22 – that’s next Monday!!! yay.

But we’ve had to delay the book trailer and first chapter release until Sept. Groan ! Yes I know, I’m sorry, I’m such a terrible tease but it’s beyond my control on this one. But I can promise you the trailer and chapter will be Fabulous.

xx L

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