I love Christmas. The tree, the decorations, the over abundance of glitter that always ends up on my face, the mince pie eating competition I have with my brother (he usually wins) and the bloated lethargy of Boxing Day where I’ve eaten so much I can do little more than roll off the couch onto the bean bag to change the dvd I’m watching. 

maybe it will be these guys….

However this year I”m a little behind and the panic button has been officially hit. I’ve done no shopping, haven’t got a tree and am yet to dig out the decorations. What?? What’s going on there?? I hear you ask. 

Well, I’ve been distracted. What with that whole Equinox just coming out thing ( so exciting!) and the blog tour and interviews etc etc. PLUS I’ve been working on Book 3. Yes already! And no I can’t tell you anything. It’s all a big secret wrapped in bubblewrap kept in a large black box with a key imprinted to my DNA. You’ll have to wait. All I can say is it will be out next year. No spoilers.

In the meantime, hug your pets, maybe your family too if they’re not too smelly, and have a fabulous Christmas. (I’m getting in early because I think I get more points with Santa this way. Seriously. You should tell him I’d doing this. )


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with presents and stuff and things!