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On being dumped and how it helped me

Fellow sf writer Karen  Miller kindly invited me to write a  Guest Post: Lara Morgan over on ime on her blog and I’m dissecting what it was like for me to lose a contract otherwise titled, Even Published Writers Get The Blues.


I’m talking about writing, Betrayal, snacks and other important things! At AusRomToday


AusRomToday LaraMorganAuthor Spotlight
Lara Morgan

Describe yourself in one word:

What is your background with regard to writing?
I have been writing since I was a child, starting with some truly appalling poetry and plagiarising famous works (especially by Enid Blyton). Surprisingly none of these have been published! I was the typical English Lit student nerd in high school and studied creative writing in university but there were long gaps in my twenties when I did no writing at all. It took until my thirties for me to get serious about it. See next question……

When did you first begin writing with a view of embarking on a career as a published author?
I was working at a community newspaper and had been dithering about with a fantasy book since 1996 but I never really thought I could be a published writer. To me writers were other people, out of…

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5 Things to write…

Today I’m. a guest of Manga Maniac blog talking about the 5 things I need to get some writing done.

It’s  wish list really. What do you need?

Keeping track of your plot

For all those budding writers, or anyone who wants to talk about how to keep that plot straight, I’ve got a post up on Magical Words talking about how I got a handle on the plot for my novel Betrayal.


Betrayal Blog Tour Day 10

The last day! Big thanks to everyone involved. And the blog to take the final bow is TTC Books and More where I will be revealing some odd personal snippets on 5 Random Things plus there’s another review.

Big kisses to all and cue the balloons…


Betrayal Blog Tour Day 9

Curious about what to expect? Today you can read an excerpt from Betrayal at Cassandra M’s Place and decide if you’ll download or not.

Plus, there’s still time to enter the competition, don’t  miss out!

Prophet's Scrolls

Betrayal Blog Tour Day 8

Sabrina’s Paranormal Palace (what a great name!) is reviewing Betrayal today. Will she like it? Of course you all say. Click over for her take….. I’ll be eating churros dipped in chocolate while awaiting your response. Take your time….


Betrayal Blog Tour Day 7

It’s day 7, and even though it’s my birthday (yay happy cake day to me!) I’m still blog touring on. Today I’m answering questions flung at me with abandon at Book Bliss , cut a slice of cake and join me


Betrayal Blog Tour Day 6

Lists, lists, we authors love them and so do you! Go to Curling Up With A Good Book for the Tens List about me. Intrigued aren’t you? Quick go now! Here’s a hint…

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