CAM00151 The AFCC in Singapore has been an absolute blast with so much to listen to and discuss and all about writing for children and teens.

I’ve been listening to talks on digital publishing, pitching, writing from history and non fiction for children, writing a series, creating quirky characters and my own panel with Payal Dhar, and Sally Gardner about why we love writing fantasy and sci fi for young adults and the future trends in YA – which by the way we all agreed is impossible to predict!

CAM00153And take a look at the fabulous book store set up by the Wood in the Books! Just a taste of the imagination that’s gone into this fabulous international festival.

CAM00154???????????????????????????????In between the sessions I’ve been trying out all the delicious food in Singapore that I can. Here I am with fellow Australian authors Raewyn Caisley (left) and Deb Fitzpatrick (right) with me in the striped shirt, eating buttered battered squid, stir fried greens and the best green mango salad in Singapore I swear! And that was just one night.

I’ve also been to the amazing SEA Aquarium at Sentosa Island and strolled along the river in the evening light and it’s been thanks to the fantastic people at the AFCC and Writing WA.


Soon I’ll post in more detail about some of the panels but until then happy reading and writing

xxx Lara