Like many of my fellow female YA authors – and probably male as well – I am constantly meeting people, talking to people, reading about people who say that women ‘dominate’ the field of YA books. And I have to say that for a while I have believed it. Well I am wrong, wrong, wrong.
And I found this out from a blog called Stacked which ran a post recently all about the numbers on the New York Times best seller list – which while it is American is still an industry standard to measure success by.

Depressing reading. I actually did think women had more success in YA than male authors and that it was the one genre we were making strides in. Not that I’m against men writing in this field, hey there are some great writers out there, I just thought, like many of you, that there were more women hitting the best seller lists than men in YA and that male authors were up against it when it came to getting to number 1.
Well, ah, no.

So now when people go on about how women are ruling the YA waves and men are our hard done by cousins, I’m going to have to insist that, at least on the NYT list that’s just not true.

I wonder if the lists here in Australia reveal the same result. Anyone willing to do the number crunching on that one please let me know.