isobelle pragueOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had a lovely day at the Perth Writers Festival recently catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. I went on the Saturday with husband and baby in tow, intending to maybe see a panel or two but ended up spending three hours in the green room instead talking talking talking! (The green room for those unfamiliar with the term is where the starving and caffeine deprived writers congregate between gruelling sessions of answering questions about life, the universe and their favourite sock colours)

My main reason for making the trip to the festival this year was to catch up with Isobelle Carmody and I was going to take a pic of us and post it here, but I was so involved with chatting I never got the pic!

I met Isobelle when she mentored me in 2004 on the first Rosie Black book, Genesis. We did the whole mentorship via email because she was living in Prague at the time. We didn’t actually meet in person until 2007 when I took a trip to Europe.
The picture above on the left is us meeting for the very first time in front of the beautiful State Theatre in Prague. She’s barely changed since then. I think her hair is shorter that’s all!

Isobelle is a wonderful writer and an awesome person and we chatted about writing,of course, her new project (sorry can’t share that!) and the merits of the mango and chocolate cake being served in the green room (to. die. for.) the only problem was our time was much too short.

While in the green room I also got to meet fellow Walker Books author and West Australian, Ambelin Kwaymullina. Picture of us above on the right – I’m the one on the left. (Hasn’t Ambelin got fabulous hair?!!)
Ambelin’s first book in her Tribe series, The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf, came out mid last year and if you’re into dystopian YA you should check it out. She’s given me a copy and I’m hoping to find time to read it – as soon as my 8 month old son lets me. He is so bossy!

Ambelin has been doing really well with her book and will be at the Melbourne and Sydney writers festivals this year, as well as taking part in a tour of China. If she had a website I’d send you there for all the details, but she hasn’t yet. (I’m trying to convince her to get a blog so I can cyber stalk her.)

It was really a wonderful day catching up with people and feeling part of the writing world again, I got inspired to try to find time to write but think I will need a baby sitter first for that.
Now I’ve just got to see if I can figure out a way I can get to the Ubud Writers Festival in October…..
xx L