well in my day dreams my writing life consists of me actually getting to write for hours a day surrounded by endless cups of tea, fresh sliced mango and mini Mars bars served by the person who is busy doing all my housework – in reality it’s nothing like that.  The pile of washing is bearing a remarkable resemblance to the leaning tower of Pisa, I’m almost out of tea and the only chocolates in the house are mint flavoured which I hate. Although I believe there is a mango somewhere in the fridge buried behind half empty jars of curry paste.

So, it’s not all sunglasses and autographs , but I can work in my pyjamas which seems a pretty fair trade.

So what have I been doing? Lately, since sending off the ready-for-the-editor draft of Rosie 3 (yay!), I’ve had to attend to all those things that pile up when you’re pretending the real world isn’t, well, real. Sorting paperwork, paying bills (argh!) and getting the dishwasher fixed – you know THAT sort of stuff. Boring.

I’m also having to devote some time to getting ready for the Perth Writers Festival at the end of the month. Not so boring.  I’m running a 3 hour workshop so that means I need to come up with some creative and worthwhile discussions and exercise for that as well as preparing for the talks I’m doing.

You might not have thought about it, but writers who talk at Festivals aren’t all just natural stand up comedians with a line in wit to entertain the crowds. I know, shocking isn’t it? And you thought we were all as smart and funny as Stephen Fry.  Generally we tend to be more of the deer caught in the head lights startled staring types when put in front of vast groups of people – well I can be anyway – so I need to come up with things to say that won’t  result in a tent full of blank silent people wondering what I’m talking about. Seriously, I’ve said things on a stage and the resounding vacuum of sound has me sure I can see tumbleweeds rolling down the aisles.

This is not the preferred reaction.

So, amusing anecdotes and things that will convey that I have some idea about this writing thing are what’s filling part of my brain at the moment and occasionally spilling out onto the keyboard.

I’m also working on the third and last book in my fantasy series The Twins of  Saranthium for the German market which is involving a lot of re-reading the 100,000 or more words I’ve written already and then taking copious amounts of notes done in long hand in notebooks, on what’s happening next. This, by the way, is going to be a large book. And I write the notes in longhand because, for me, literally putting pen to paper has always been the best way for me to plot the story and figure out who is doing what and going where.

Then the next step in the process is typing up all those notes, which takes me hours to decipher because my handwriting can look like it was written by a drunk monkey  – and I’m not talking about the kind trained by NASA . But you know, that’s just how it is.

So here I am this afternoon, about to apply fingers to keyboard again to knock the notes into shape so I can, in the very near future, actually get down to the nitty-gritty of really writing and finishing the book so I have a hope of making the deadline. Which is May. I’m pretty sure. (scratches head and looks worried). So I should probably go and do that, shouldn’t I? I mean I can’t just hang around here procrastinating can I?

……….ooh look, is that a funny You Tube link……