My blog tour for Equinox finished up yesterday and I’m putting out a big thank you to all those lovely people who were involved and helped me celebrate the new Rosie Black Chronicles book.

I had a great time answering your very inventive and thoughtful questions and it was a privilege to be hosted on your site. Thanks also to all those who participated and congratulations to the lucky winners of the giveaways!

Some of those giveaways are still going though so don’t forget if you missed out to check back with the websites.

I’ve listed giveaway beside each link below so you can find them easily. And my giveaway on Goodreads is still going so if you’re quick you can enter there as well!

So a very big thank you to these fabulous blogs :

Christchurch Kids Blog                        Booksellers New Zealand

Fictional Fantasy (giveaway)           The Tales Compendium (giveaway)

Rhiannon Hart                                       The Paperback Heart

Burn Bright (giveaway)                       Read In A Single Sitting (giveaway)

Tea Mouse (giveaway)                        Everything to do with Books

Book Couture (giveaway)                  In The Good Books

The Phantom Paragrapher                She Known As Jess  (giveaway)

Little Elf Man  (giveaway)                   Bad Ass Bookie  (giveaway)

Sandy Fussell                                            Literary Clutter  (giveaway)