The countdown has well and truly started to release for Equinox, but meanwhile I’ve had my head buried under reams of notes for book 3. Yes , I know Equinox isn’t even out yet and already I’m tapping away on the keyboard trying to get the third one out! Aren’t you envious now of my glamorous life? You should be, it includes a lot of tea and some stale almonds I found in the back of the cupboard for snacks. Ew.

Anyway, yes, trumpets, there will again be a Blog Tour for Equinox – check the tab for it above for all the details soon. So I’ll be all over the internet like a plague of rubber bands, bouncing from one blog to the next answering questions and comments. It will be fun. I promise. AND there will of course be FREE COPIES to win! Yay, gotta like that.  

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my neighbours …

  Okay, so I lied. It’s a still from Spielberg’s latest tv show Terra Nova and one of my current fave distractions. Gotta love a show with dinosaurs.