Okay so here’s the thing, although I am a writer and I love, love, LOVE, the written word and have so many books my main form of house decoration is stacks of books in haphazard poses, I also really love tv. And when I say tv I am talking here about tv shows. Mostly the genre kind.

Right now I am in the midst of watching Supernatural Season 6, Eureka, Haven, Stargate Universe, Falling Skies, Teen Wolf, Alphas, Fringe, True Blood and Warehouse 13. I am also waiting with curved desperate fingers for the return of The Vampire Diaries. And my past favourite shows have been Buffy ( of course!), Firefly, anything Stargatey (yes that’s a new word), Battlestar Galactica and the unbeatable classic, The X Files. Love me a good Mulder / Scully argument.

So most evenings after a day of existing in my own worlds and wrestling with the traumas of trying to make plots work, there’s not much I love more than settling down on the couch to immerse myself in somebody else’s world. And I refuse to feel guilty about it. Time was when people looked down their nose at you for watching television, as if it might curdle your brain and in the midst of a conversation little curls of frontal lobe might start oozing from your ear if you so much as dared to indulge in more than a nano second a day. When I was a kid my mum had me convinced that too much tv would probably send me blind and that I had to go outside. And probably away from annoying her. And now as a supposed grown up, I still read articles which assure me that watching that little black box in the corner will suck the creativity out of me and turn me into a dribbling zombie capable of writing plots only Home and Away would be interested in.

But I refuse to be repressed. I still love my tv shows. Yes some are better than others (Teen Wolf I”m looking at you and your sappy teen love angst. Barf. The Vampire Diaries does it so much better) but there is something appealing about being able to be part of these character’s lives for longer than the length of a movie. So what if sometimes the writers don’t quite get it right. So what if sometimes the endings can be a bit pat, a bit sentimental. I don’t care. And if we’re all being truthful, in comparison to some of the sludge that’s been lobbed at us by the Hollywood machine in terms of films these days, the shows on tv have a hell of a lot more depth and are better than their burnt popcorn cgi laden crap.

So I’m going to keep watching what I like and damn the consequences to my brain or social standing – such as it is. Whose with me? Anyone for an episode of Supernatural??