You asked for it, so here it is another snippet  of Rosie Black Chronicles 2 to tantalise your eyeballs…..

‘…Do you want a seat?’ His hazel eyes looked golden in the light coming through the opaque roof.
‘Um, no, I’m fine thanks.’ Rosie felt awkward.
‘So what’s your first name, Miss Black? I can’t keep calling you Pilot Girl.’
He held out his hand. ‘Dalton.’ There was a wry twist to his lips as she hesitated a moment then shook it.
‘Not that you need an introduction,’ she said.
‘Right of course, I’m one of the famous Curtis men.

So what’s going on here and who is this Dalton guy? Is he a rival for Rosie’s affections or is he something else?  You’ll have to wait until November to find out.