Yay and thank god! I have finally booted the revised draft of Equinox out of my house – well electronically anyway. And then there’s the back up…. but it’s gone to the publishers and they haven’t thrown it back in a fit of pique so it must be good to go….Almost.

It is such a relief when the book finally leaves home like a lemming off a cliff, and I can breathe for five minutes before I’m on to the next one. Rosie Black book 3……yes that is in the planning and drafting stages.

But meanwhile I have been peering with dismay at the growing number of books I’m in the middle of reading. This always happens. I start one, see another start that and before I know it I have 5 books on the go. Yes 5.  Clearly I have an attention issue.

So what are they, you ask? Because you care I know.

First the YA – and fab it is… totally compulsive reading. The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

 which is the second in her Iron Fey series – which some of you have probably read.

I’m loving the pacy read, the characters and what a gorgeous cover.

Then I’m also reading Stephen King’s The Stand.

An older one but a great one if very very long. But I read the Dark Tower series recently and characters from that are in The Stand. All very complex and terrifying, but if you’ve read The Dark Tower you’ll know what I mean.


I’m also half way through The Distant Hours, by Kate Morton.

This one is contemporary adult fiction and it starts with a mysterious letter, a device I’ve always loved. There is also an old house, forbidden lovers and past secrets. Juicy stuff with a literary bent.


Other contenders for reading time are the second book in the Monster Blood Tattoo series, by DM Cornish.

and Jasper Jones, by WA talent Craig Silvey.

Presently half buried under all the award nominations Jasper Jones is almost a love letter/homage to To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee – one of my very favourite books.  


What are you reading? Suggestions for more brilliant YA always welcome!