So I’ve been trying to write alot these days on the third installment of my fantasy series while waiting for Equinox to come back from the editors and have been getting distracted by the fabulous show Fringe. You know what I’m talking about don’t you??? All the twisted science, the Observers and Fauxlivia etc….

 LOVE it and can’t wait for more….

    and then there’s that other show……. see  eye ball achingly pretty picture below….

which I’ve been putting off watching due to the extreme distraction factor of that one… but I am weakening, I can hear Season 5 calling me like a siren. I’m sure Rosie B would love Supernatural.

Clearly there are many fine reasons to love this show – and I’m not just talking about the eye candy. I love the mythology and painful ties of the  brothers’ relationship. Great writing.

These are two of my very favourite shows at the moment. What are your recommendations?

In more bookish news: Just finished: Where Angels Fear to Tread – EM Forster’s first novel. Currently reading: Clockwork Angel by Cass Clare (no spoilers!) and Mind of my Mind by Octavia Butler.

oh and then there’s that OTHER show…..seriously people how am I supposed to get ANY work done!