apart from being biologically melded to my computer because of all the work I need to be doing, this March I am also planning a trip to Perth (Australia not Scotland) to dip a toe in the Perth Writers festival over the March 4 – 6 weekend AND I’m going to be doing a short presentation at the Children’s Book Council, Night with our Stars. The Council do is not open to the public as far as I’m aware but I will be milling around the Perth Writers Festival in the grounds of UWA, so if you see me feel free to accost me for information, greetings or just because you need a recommendation for a good cafe.

Happy trails and writing all. xx

Book I’m reading at the moment: The Odyssey, by Homer. Research/inspiration for my fantasy series, The Twins of Saranthium. (love to show you a pic but for some reason it won’t work. Computers not doing what they’re supposed to! Shocking.)