When people ask me what my favourite part of the writing process is my answer is about as changeable as Melbourne’s weather. Yeah that bad. Because it really depends on what I’m working on at the time.  Generally the writing grass always looks greener from the other side of the fence, which translates into; when I’m writing a first draft, which is essentially the time I’m figuring out what the hell the story is about, I am sure the best part is going to be the editing. The second draft, the rewriting. In that murky gloom of wading through the seaweed of the story (which is sometimes how a first draft feels when I’m writing it) the bright beacon of being able to work on a manuscript that at least has some kind of beginning, middle and end seems like nirvana. When I’ve finished the first draft, I say, it will be so much better because I’ll have something to work with. There will be fat and gristle to cut, holes to fill in and seaweed to kick from my path.

Of course that’s not how I feel now. And really, as this is the fourth book I’ve written, I should have expected that, but I can be blithe and maddeningly optimistic about these things. So here I am in the second stage, the re-write and I”m staring at the page like a crazed hamster at a cat. If I move, it might eat me. Or at worst, morph into a monster. Which is what the book is at this point.A big, hungry for reason and order, monster and I am its bitch.

But that’s the way it always is.

So what’s my favourite part? Well now, it’s the very beginning, yes I am now day dreaming about that wonderful phase before words go down when it’s all research and sketching maps and looking at pictures of gorgeous actors as character inspiration.

But if you ask me next week, it could be different. Still stuck in the Equinox, over and out….Lara.