The third book in The Rosie Black Chronicles is OUT NOW

Dark Star will be the final chapter in Rosie’s battle with Helios.

Will she win?

Who will survive?

Not everyone is going to get out of this one alive. 

Available from all good bookstores and online.

Well that’s what I’m going to be discussing when I go to Singapore later this year.
Yes I’m excited to have been invited to be part of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in June and I’ll be hopping on a (not Qantas) plane to see the beautiful garden city.

I’m doing a panel on June 2 with fellow authors Payal Dhal and Sally Gardner talking about the ins and outs of writing science fiction for young adults. We will probably also discuss the future of YA and trends over the past decades.

It’s  a topic that’s close to my heart because I’ve been hearing around the traps that dystopia is dead and ‘sick lit’ is the new big thing ; as in ill teens and broken hearted love, think John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars which has (and quite rightly) been a massive best seller. Well done John on your beautiful book

But…… much of the talk of the death of dystopia is coming from publishers and agents – and some book sellers – and I’m wondering what readers think.

Are you over the dystopia? Have the likes of the Hunger Games and Divergent and the movie franchises sucked the life out of the genre and you hunger now for different world?

I’m not convinced, but perhaps I’m grasping at straws because Rosie Black is dystopian and I don’t want to see a genre I love so much die. There are so many wonderful stories that are dystopian.

Perhaps it is the too familiar setting of a totalitarian futuristic world where a group of teens must overturn the status quo that has become too common place that it no longer holds interest. Maybe we need fewer female warriors with the token boy love interest to be replaced by a more complicated relationship where girl and boy are equal in their struggle. I’m sure there are books out there with that. Julianna Baggott’s books for example.

I think a big part of it could be that agents, and editors, are just sick to death of reading pile after pile of dystopian YA and can no longer see the wood for the trees, and possible don’t want to. I mean if you’re forced to eat nothing but chocolate cake day in and out for eons, then even if you love it you’re going to get very, very sick of it after a while. I’m not surprised many of them have dystopian fatigue – but does that mean readers do as well?

I still think that what readers want is a good story and characters they can love, people they want to know and cheer for. What we need is just to work harder on that and wring out our hearts and blood and tears creating stories that resonate and connect regardless of which world they are in.


Peacemaker cover revealed!

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Marianne De Pierre, author of Parrish Plessis, Sentients of Orion and the YA Burn Bright series (among others) is releasing a new series in 2014 and I’m helping promote, with great fanfare, your first official look at the fabulous cover for Peacemaker.

Combining elements of western, sci fi, crime and urban fantasy it gets released by Angry Robots books in May 2014, so set your book buying alarms.

For more on this great new series go to Marianne’s website Read the rest of this entry »

Head over to Manga Maniac Café where I’m talking about Awakening and writing…

Debunking the women owning YA myth

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Like many of my fellow female YA authors – and probably male as well – I am constantly meeting people, talking to people, reading about people who say that women ‘dominate’ the field of YA books. And I have to say that for a while I have believed it. Well I am wrong, wrong, wrong.
And I found this out from a blog called Stacked which ran a post recently all about the numbers on the New York Times best seller list – which while it is American is still an industry standard to measure success by.

Depressing reading. I actually did think women had more success in YA than male authors and that it was the one genre we were making strides in. Not that I’m against men writing in this field, hey there are some great writers out there, I just thought, like many of you, that there were more women hitting the best seller lists than men in YA and that male authors were up against it when it came to getting to number 1.
Well, ah, no.

So now when people go on about how women are ruling the YA waves and men are our hard done by cousins, I’m going to have to insist that, at least on the NYT list that’s just not true.

I wonder if the lists here in Australia reveal the same result. Anyone willing to do the number crunching on that one please let me know.


Publication Day!!

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Yay, it’s official. Awakening is now out in ebook from today. Run, shuffle, crawl to the keyboard and download yours! Or just do one of those weird happy dances where you flap your hands and spin till you fall down. Get it here
Awakening ebook

Asian Festival of Children’s Content, 2014

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Things have been relatively quiet on the festival attendance front since the birth of my son, but I’m really excited now to be able to tell people that thanks to Writing WA I’m going to be heading to Singapore next year to be part of the AFCC. You possibly don’t know what that is, but trust me it’s a fabulous opportunity for any writer and I’m so thankful Writing WA chose me – and 5 other writers – to represent the State there. It’s going to be a huge week of talking writing and I’m hoping to meet lots of wonderful Asian writers and people in the field and bring home exciting stories to share.

In the meantime, Rosie Black will be coming out in Turkish next year! I can’t wait to see the cover for that one and will post it as soon as I see it. Which could be a while.

And now I was going to post a random pic of The Vampire Diaries, one of the shows that I’m tragically addicted to watching, and came across this, now is it just me or is this a little creepy????  I just don’t like dolls.

vamp dolls

Awakening ebook

It’s been a while coming, but finally I’m really excited to be able to tell people that my fantasy series The Twins of Saranthium has a new English language publisher; Harlequin Escape will be publishing the first book Awakening in ebook on November 1st. Isn’t it a beautiful cover? I just love it.

The Twins is my first series and if you like epic fantasy adventure, romance, danger and dragons you’ll probably like this. The second book, Betrayal, will be out next year and the third, Redemption in 2015 – I’m still working on that one!

Here’s the blurb about Awakening…..

” For two thousand years, the serpents of Salmut and their riders have kept the people of Saranthium safe — but the pact between human and serpent is failing. Rogue serpents are attacking villages, and rumours abound that the banished god of the serpents, Azoth, has returned to resurrect his empire of slavery.

Orphan, thief and survivor Shaan works in the serpent yards of Salmut and wakes from dreams of blood and death. The surprising discovery that she can speak with Nuathin, the oldest serpent of the yards, brings her to the attention of sept leader, Balkis. Handsome, arrogant and seductive, Balkis is also a man with powerful and dangerous alliances and Shaan becomes the target of the city’s most feared arms men: The Faithful.

Meanwhile in the deserts, a young man named Tallis defends his clan against rogue serpents, driving them off with supernatural force. When he faces becoming an outcast because of his power, the truth of his birth is revealed and he embarks on a journey to understand the strength locked within his mind.

Drawn together, Shaan and Tallis become ensnared in the resurrection of an ancient conflict, but on whose side will they stand — that of the serpents or the people?”

So if you like the sound of it, feel free to share the love around, get one for your mum or just tell random people on the street!

Awakening is out on November 1st from most ebook retailers. For more about my Twins series go to my parent website